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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Each day we will explore new ideas and concepts, all while engaging in social development. Kindergarten is a crucial part of the foundation of each child's education. It is important for children to develop a love of school and learning, which is my goal as the kindergarten teacher. 

In Kindergarten, we will introduce and review letters, letter sounds, and high-frequency word recognition. As well as shapes, numbers, and a multitude of math concepts: inlcuding addition and subtraction. 


Kindergarten is an exciting time for children (and parents). Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns!


Mrs. Amanda Bower




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*Today's Homework: Summer is upon us! It is quite beneficial to review and practice letter and sound recognition, as well as high-frequency word recogntion. Read each and every day with your child and don't hesitate to ask questions