Mr. Armand Lamberti, Principal
Rev. Armand Mantia, Pastor
        970 Suburban Road
        Union, NJ 07083
Seventh Grade
Seventh Grade Home
Grade 6 Homework
Grade 7 Homework
Grade 8 Homework

Welcome to Grade 7 Homeroom !


Mrs. Patricia Dinolfo

Mathematics and Science Grades 6,7,8

School Supplies

  • 2 composition notebooks (1 for each subject - mathematics, science)
  • 2 two-pocket laminated folders (1 for math & science, 1 for homeroom)
  •  black or blue erasable pens, red pen (for correcting)
  •  sharpened no.2 pencils, handheld sharpener, erasers
  •  pencil pouch
  •  package of loose leaf paper
  •  homework assignment pad
  • 6 book covers
  •  12-inch ruler (customary and metric)
  •  box of colored pencils
  •  package of copy paper
  • Grade 8 - graph paper, scientific calculator
  • Note: please check your other teachers' requirements for supplies


General Discipline Policy:

     A spirit of Christ-like charity, respect for authority and mutual cooperation are essential elements of the learning environment at Holy Spirit School.  Students are expected to act with courtesy and respect toward one another and toward all members of the staff.  They must take seriously their obligation to develop lifetime habits of self-control and concern for the well-being of others.  Home and School will work together to help students to learn and live the qualities of responsible behavior and the elements of good citizenship.

     All students must come prepared for learning, with all necessary materials and completed assignments.  Please bring to class: textbook, notebook, two-pocket folder, sharpened #2 pencils, black or blue pens, red pen for correcting, and homework pad.




     Parents and Guardians please provide a regular time, quiet place, and assistance for home assignments, so that your child will support the lessons taught in class.  Also, check Power School regularly for updates of your child's academic progress.  If you should have any questions or concerns, please call for an appointment, use the following email link, or send a note to school with your child.