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Social Studies
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Dear Parent and Guardians of 6th,7th,8th Students,

I look forward to a fun filled educational year with you. Social Studies has been my passion for many years and much of my graduate level work was in creating social studies lesson plans.  I am very excited to teach both social studies and religion. I am currently a Middle School Religious Education Teacher in my parish for the last 10 years. It was during this time I really found my passion for education and my calling to become a middle school teacher.
 This year will incorporate a combination of technology infused lessons and assignments as well as writing across the curriculum to support the New Jersey Common Core and RCAN Standards. Thus, many assignments and expectations will be in preparation for high school and beyond. While I will miss teaching media, I am excited for the many projects and fun learning experiences ahead. I will still be in charge of technology issues. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. Please note I look forward to working with each of you and your children. It is my goal that we can be partners in your child’s education.

                                                                                                           Thank You,

                                                                                                            Mr. Hirsch M.A.




Specials Schedule:

Gym- Tuesdays and Wednesday

Music- Mondays

Library - Tuesday AM

Media- Wednesday & Thursday



~~Email Me:

Emails: Will be answered within a 24 hour period. However, emails after 3PM on Friday will be answered the next business day.

Tutoring Session : I am avaiable Tuesday thru Thursday from 3PM -4PM. Advance notice must be sent in. I must have a note for all sessions.  Students will meet downstairs in the cafe.






.Religion/Social Studies Overview:



Parents are encouraged nightly to check GOOGLE CLASSROOM or Signup for access to their child's account.
Social Studies Course Objectives:  Students in all three grade levels will examine history through the eyes of historians , historical events and evaluate the purpose and meaning all civilization play on our current world conditions
Assignments:  Can be found on the teacher’s website and Google Classroom. For example, if your first assignment is due next Monday, the next assignment will unlock the following Monday. You may access Google classroom 24-7 so virtually speaking there should be no reason why assignments are late or incomplete. (Unless you are severely ill and have a doctor’s note or a serious reason) Assignments turned in a week late without special circumstances are automatically a zero no exception. Late Assignments without  an excuse will not be accepted after 2 weeks.

Grading System:
20% Monthly Current Events Report ( 3 per Trimester)- Social Studies
20% Document Based Reading and Examinations/Bible Study- Religion/ Social Studies
20% Test / Quizzes- Religion/  Social Studies
20% Course Projects- Religion/ Social Studies
20% Homework/ Weekly Prompts- Social Studies

Cheating/ Plagiarism Policy-Plagiarism is a direct copy of someone’s work with the intent to pass it along as your own. This will automatically result in a zero for this assignment and a makeup assignment will be issued. Throughout the year, students will receive various classes on proper internet research methods. Therefore, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Cheating on tests/quizzes or assignments will result in a zero and a makeup to be completed.  A note will be sent home to parents/guardians and it must be returned signed in order for a makeup to be given.

Explanation of Assignments Breakdown:

All projects and assignments listed below will be followed by a rubric. The students will be given the rubric prior to the start of the project. Therefore, in order for the student to receive the proper grade, all items listed on the rubric must be adhere.

***Current Events Monthly Project (Grade 6-8) : Google Classroom Assignments (Grades 6-8)- Students will find one current event issues that is effecting our country or world. This article may come from websites, tv reports etc. They are to report on it and answer the listed questions in Google Classroom. They may not pick from sports, entertainment or Hollywood. Students may type their answer or complete the project in Powerpoint or Google Slides. More details are available on Google Classroom.

***Document Based Reading ( Grades 6-8) -Students will read selected documents in class. The students will be presented with notes on the documents. All documents will written and explained in student friendly language. Students will be expected  to answer teacher specific questions. Students will have one week to complete it. More information can be found on Google Classroom

Quizzes- Students are expected to be reading and studying their daily note each night. Students should study vocabulary words nightly in order to prepare for up coming tests and quizzes. Quizzes will often times be announced and will coincide with readings from the previous night. Therefore it is fundamental that students consistently read the sections in their books. Quizzes will highlight key ideas or vocabulary words from the chapter.

Tests/ Take Home Essay- Will be given after every chapter and approximately every 2 weeks. Students will review at home and in class using various teacher designated  review techniques. Students will be given a  review sheets to prepare for the tests. Tests will consist of multiple choice, true and false, fill in the blanks, and short answer. Students will be given a take home essay which is due on the day of the test. Students are to type it or handwrite it neatly. Students will be able to turn it in 2 days before on Google Classroom for a short edit and review. It will be sent back to them with comments to improve their points. Essays which are not completed on the day of the test will not be accepted the next day.

***Weekly Prompts- Students will be given the opportunity to complete end of the section questions during class.  If they are not completed they automatically become homework. In addition, to other assignments for the day such as weekly prompts which are posted on Google Classroom. Students will be given a week to complete the Weekly Prompts.

Final Trimester Projects/End of the Course Project( Grade 6-8)- At the end of each marking period there will be a final project, the students will be given a final project in order to show mastery of concepts.  A final project will be assigned and will include materials learned from previous marking periods. The project will be given out in  late April/ Early May.

Student Expectations
Discipline/ Behavior- Students are expected to behave accordingly. Therefore, any student/s who are behaving in a way that is not appropriate will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Student’s behavior which is not appropriate with that of the handbook is subjected to a lunch detention, after school detention, or more serious consequences deemed appropriate by principal and teacher. Students are reminded that their email account is for school work only and should not subscribe to outside sources. Therefore any use of this account for non-school related issues is subjected to disciplinary action up and including removal of technology privileges in accordance to the School Technology Usage Policy.

Login/Password Issues: This is not an excuse for not doing an assignment. Students are to contact me via email or in person the moment a serious issue arises and not wait until the assignment is due.  Therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to complete all assignments. Paper copies of the assignment will not be accepted without prior notice of an issue before the due date.


Google Classroom Consent and Release: This account will be used for login purpose and for the submission of all work.  While it is an email account its sole purpose is for login. No outside mail will be sent to this account. Delay in signing this consent form will delay in your child’s ability to use Google Classroom. This agreement must be signed every year. Please read the information on Google Classrooms which will be given out to the students during the first week of school.

Parents are reminded to check GOOGLE CLASSROOM nightly as well as the website for further details. There you will find your student’s graded assignments. The website is updated on Monday’s before 2:30PM unless an unforeseen circumstance occurs.

Scheduling a  Parent Conferences- Must be scheduled at least one week in advance with the front office and email must be sent to me. If there needed to be an emergency conference please notify me and the front office at least 48 hours prior to the date. No drop in conferences.  Conference will be held to 20 minutes time frame. This policy does not apply to Parent Conferences on the schedule





NJ Common Core Standards- Social Studies:


*As per the 2014 State Standards for Social Studies. Assignments include various cross cirriculum assignments and must be assessed using various tools for assessments.


Hereby the assignments listed above are linked to such standards.

***The 2014 Social Studies Standards provide the foundation for creating local curricula and developing meaningful assessments.  The revisions that were made are intended to clarify the document and do not reflect major changes to the standards. In addition, several new skills were added to the Skills Table to reflect the expectations of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards English Language Arts Companion Standards for History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects.  ( Source : NJCCS Social Studies Website)

Last Updated : 9/21/2018