Mr. Armand Lamberti, Principal
Rev. Armand Mantia, Pastor
        970 Suburban Road
        Union, NJ 07083
Fourth Grade
Grade 4

Friday, April 24, 2020


Reading: Complete the test .

Math: View the video. Read page 330. Work on problems on page

330 -331 Complete thequiz.

Science: View the video. Read pages 313 - 317. Complete the quiz.

Social Studies: Read pages 206 - 211. Write your vocabulary words and definitions into your Social Studies notebook. Complete the quiz.

Writing: Read pages 770 - 771, in your Reading textbook, write a haiku.

Religion: Complete the test.


Please use eSpark everyday for up to a half hour for both Math and Language Arts. 


Reading: Read for 60 minutes each day. This includes the text readings.