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                                         Supplies List  for September 2019

•1 Box of Clorox or Lysol Wipes -( disinfect the keyboard and computers daily)

•1 Headphones/Earbuds(Grade 1-8 only)- Not expensive ones- These can be purchased for a nominal fee at Staples or another electrical  store. (And should costly roughly $5.00-8.00 at most.) Students will not be allowed to share these and will not need them for the first day of school.

•1 Plastic Bag( large sandwich bag) with the Student’s Name and Grade to store earbuds/headphones


Please familarize yourself with the classroom policy before school starts. As there have been many changes made to it.


Enjoy your summer vacation! Looking forward to September as we embrace on another journey of learning together.





This classroom follows ISTE and RCAN  and NJ Common Core Standards: ( Please familiarize yourself with these as they are very much apart of each lesson)


ISTE Standards:

RCAN Technology Standards:

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Last Updated :  9/10/2019