Mr. Armand Lamberti, Principal
Rev. Armand Mantia, Pastor
        970 Suburban Road
        Union, NJ 07083
About Us

Mission Statement

As Catholic Christian educators, the mission of Holy Spirit School is to be an example of Christ for others, so that they may grow in His love, wisdom and strength. Through our words, deeds and prayer life, we strive to create a climate where Christian values permeate and unify all areas of learning--academic, social, physical, and spiritual. Thus, each person in our care can be nurtured to attain his/her potential within an atmosphere of commitment to others.

We serve God by giving witness to His teachings. We serve our community and neighboring communities by offering a Christ-centered education. This builds faith community - for by strengthening and nurturing its members - we nurture and strengthen the whole Church. 

Our Philosophy

We at Holy Spirit School recognize that our school is an integral part of the faith community of Holy Spirit Parish. Therefore, our goals reflect the faith commitment of this parish. 

We are Christ-centered and proclaim a three-fold purpose: to spread the message of Good News through daily living; to help build a community of faith, and to service with Christ-like love. 

We aim to prepare citizens with a moral conscience in order that they may fulfill responsible roles within the family, church, and society. We consider these values as important to the student experience as are the core academic skills. 


Our educational purpose is not only to instruct, but to allow students to assimilate and apply as much learning as possible. In accepting the individuality of each student, the instructional programs at Holy Spirit are individualized and differentiated. We believe that how a child learns is just as important as what he/she learns. Therefore instruction is tailored as per a student's abilities and learning needs. 


In our primary grades, the emphasis is on fundamental core skills in Reading and Mathematics. These skills are then applied in cross-curricular fashion to the entire scope of academic disciplines (e.g. Science, Social Studies, Religion, etc.). As each child progresses through the years, core academic skills are expanded. This, in turn, leads to self-reliance and critical thinking in problem solving and research. 

The full academic curriculum includes Religious Studies, Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies. These areas, combined with Art, Music, Physical Education and Computer Science help to cultivate competence and confidence in our students and to prepare them for entry into high schools of their choice. 

Since its inception, Holy Spirit School has graduated students who have achieved high standing in high school and beyond. In standardized testing, our students test scores are consistently rated higher than the norm. Many of our eighth graders earn scholarships to Catholic high schools. 


The Principal and faculty members are certified by the New Jersey Department of Education and/or have passed the PRAXIS exam for certification in their assigned positions. A number of staff members have attained advanced degrees. 

The professional staff of Holy Spirit School consists of eleven full-time lay teachers plus part-time teachers for Art, Physical Education, Music, and Library Science. 

The teachers at Holy Spirit School exhibit a sincere interest in the needs of each student. While the teaching process at Holy Spirit School is generally structured, the teachers strive for flexibility in selecting and employing a variety of pedagogical methods and strategies in order to meet the varied needs of their students. 


Holy Spirit School contains a Library Media Center, a fully equipped Computer Lab, a cafeteria with kitchen, a Nurse's Office and a Music/Art/Science room. Large, cheerful classrooms allow for group instruction as well as individualized and small group learning experiences. 

Religious Education

At Holy Spirit School, a genuine spirit of community exists among the administration, teachers, staff and priests who collaborate to bring Catholic doctrine and values to each student. Every child is encouraged to grow in faith through participation in the Liturgy, daily prayer, and scheduled classes with Religion teachers. 

The children are prepared for Sacraments as follows: 

  • Reconciliation Grade 2
  • First Communion Grade 2
  • Confirmation Grade 8 

School Support

We encourage all family members to participate in school activities. Parents can assist as Reading Tutors, Library Aides, Field Trip Chaperons, Lunch Program Volunteers, Class Mothers and Coaches for our athletic teams. Parents are also invited to participate on the Home School Association, School Board and the Library Guild. Volunteers who will be in direct contact with our students must complete the Archdiocesan-required Protecting God's Children program. This training is provided periodically by Holy Spirit Parish's Director of Religious Education.  Volunteers must also be cleared for service as per Archdiocesan Safe Environment protocol. 


Holy Spirit School - in conjunction with the Union Police Department - presents a drug abuse education program. The program, L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) - formerly D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) - is given one day a week for a set schedule of weeks to fifth grade students. The curriculum covers such topics as how to say no to peer pressure, building self-esteem, assertiveness, and positive alternatives to drug use.